Latex For Fun

About The Project

The project started with a simple idea: create disposable "designer toys" with pure d.i.y. ethics. We started drawing over balloons what we would like to draw over vinyl toys, but we couldn´t afford. That´s how the Latex for fun project was born... and in a few months 135 designers from over 20 countries participated; Their work reflects various styles, personalities and cultures, but all of it shows how vibrantly creative the collaboration of a spontaneously generated global design network can be.

Latex for fun is a book edited by Max-o-matic (Barcelona), and published by Die Gestalten Verlag (Berlín). To celebrate the release of the book, an exhibition will be held in Vallery (Barcelona) showcasing work from many artists involved in the project.


Exclusive Latex for fun prints for sale!

The Latex for fun show had 8 awesome prints designed by Jeremyville, Sauerkids, Gaston Caba, Gregori Saavedra, Michele Angelo (Superexpresso) and Comte d´Urgell. You can buy a Limited edition print, with certification of Authenticity detailed and signed (Format:104 x 200 cm; Satin photographic paper, 180 gr; Color: CMYK ) at Vallery´s website.

Exhibition closed!

Thanks to everytone involved in the Latex for fun exhibition!! Now that´s over, you can check out many pictures of what you could have seen there! Enjoy the Latex for fun show web album.

Exhibition opening!

The book launch and exhibition opening already took place in Vallery. Everything was great! We shared a nice time and some beers with lots of people, including Sauerkids, who came from Rotterdam, Rubén and Elena (from AAAAA, Madrid), Cless (Valladolid), Pig Magazine (Milan) Gregori Saavedra, Comte d´Urgell, Michele Angelo, Alejandro Levacov, Antiheroe, among many others... thanks to everyone who attended. Check out some pictures in my flickr account.

The exhibition, almost ready

We are happy to invite you to the book launch and opening on May 24, 2007 from 8 PM. The exhibtion will continue through June 7. The showcase will feature a selection of works featured in the book in addition to large scale prints by Jeremyville, Gastón Caba, DGPH, Gregori Saavedra, Sauerkids and Comte d´Urgell. To complete the show, latex toy designs will also be created especially for the occasion by Jeremyville, Jon Burgerman, Sauerkids, Gastón Caba, DGPH, Pulcomayo, Hello Bard, Craig Atkinson, Christian Lindemann, Oli / ICFF, Miss Lotion, Lala Ladcani, Gregori Saavedra, Zosen and Max-o-matic.

Latex for fun book: Out in Europe!

Die Gestalten Verlag made oficial the release of the book. Now the book´s available at dgv´s on line store Click and buy it now!

Latex for fun @ H Magazine, Barcelona

H Magazine´s May 2007 issue(nş83) features the Latex for Fun project. The magazine´s online version of the magazine showcases many spreads showing a preview of the stuff that´s gonna be published in the book.

Book Release date

Die Gestalten Verlag has already anounced the release date of Latex for fun book. On May 12 the book will hit the streets in cool bookstores worldwide.

New artworks arriving for the show

Jon Burgerman, Gastón Caba, Sauerkids, Gregori Saavedra and DGPH already sent part of the new work that will be showcased on the exhibit... Things look really good at the time!

Exhibition: Confirmed venue and date

Vallery, one of Barcelona´s coolest gallery´s, will host the Latex for Fun exhibit during 2 weeks in may / june. The opening will be thursday 24th of may.

Book Preview

Introduction Preview / Max-o-matic
Barcelona, Spain.
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Exhibition Preview

Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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